Me & My Baby Walk-in

At Skylark, Me & My Baby  (part of our walk-in mental health clinic) provides mental health counselling for caregivers and their babies (aged 0-3) located at our Church & Wellesley Site.

 It is often assumed that the experience of pregnancy and the first year after birth is among the happiest of experiences in a parent’s life. This may not be the experience for some. In fact, approximately 10-13% of birthing parents worldwide experience mental health challenges during pregnancy or following the child birth and up to 80% experience “Baby Blues” (WHO 2016). Left unattended both can have negative consequences on the developing relationship between the caregiver and infant.

Me & My Baby
Aims to:

Increase caregivers’ confidence, improve parental stress, and strengthen the relationship between caregiver and baby


Helping to develop/increase parent skills and knowledge, promote stable and supportive relationships, and refer to other services if needed.

We speak with parents and caregivers about the many issues and concerns they are wondering about. No issue is too big or too small …

Walk-in services are provided by appointment only. To schedule an appointment call Megan Tyrell at 416-482-0081 Ext. 363 or email Megan at