10 July 2015

Visions Graduation

Visions is a Day Treatment Program offered by Delisle Youth Services in order to help high school students who struggle with conventional education. By accessing alternative learning options, these youth are empowered to explore opportunities for their future as all high school students should. This June we were pleased to graduate a new group of students who benefited from the Visions Day Treatment services this year. Cat was one of many happy students to graduate.

Delisle Youth Services - Visions Day Treatment Graduation

Cat spoke at the graduation ceremony and had this to say:

Two years doesn’t really seem like a long time, but when I look back it feels like part of another life. I started at Delisle after a long struggle with depression and anxiety. I had been to a hospital program where I didn’t really develop the skills that I needed. From there I went to a private school, which lasted all of five seconds. From the moment I came to visit Delisle’s day treatment program, Visions (though it hadn’t been named Visions yet), I loved it. The reason I didn’t go straight from my hospital program to Delisle was because of its location. Through these past two years the location only ever affected what I was eating for lunch, because of its lack of spots to eat.


Once I started Delisle I changed. I became who I am today thanks to everyone that played a part in helping me find myself, from teachers to CYW’s to the youth. It sure as hell took me a while to get comfortable with everyone, such as my amazing CYW Adriana. But when I did, it wasn’t like I was talking to my therapist. I made a connection with this person who could relate to everything I was feeling, and could point me towards the right direction. She changed my life, and I cannot thank her enough. But she is not the only one that played a part in helping. Deena, the boss lady, has also helped me. She sits at her desk, and we don’t get to see her as often as the CYW’s but you definitely know when she enters the room. Deena helped me a lot when it came to letting go, something that truly still scares me. Her lovely, yet sort of crazy ways are part of why my experience at Delisle was so good. Nothing that I write or say comes close to the importance these people have had on my life.


School is school and I’ve been to a few schools, but I’m going to miss this one the most. It’s part of me, the time I’ve spent here. It amazes me that the girl that walked through the kitchen door two years ago is leaving as a very different person. As scary as it is to leave, I’ve learned all those things I needed and I’m going to be okay no matter what life throws my way. I still have bad days, and I still get panic attacks, but I’ve learned how to cope, how to fight through it all. Which is something I needed to learn to do. Without Delisle I would not be the person I am today, a person that I’m proud to be.

We’re proud of Cat and the rest of the Visions youth for such a successful year and happy graduation. Best of luck in the future!

Visions is only one of two Day Treatment Programs offered by Delisle. Learn more about Delisle’s Day Treatment Programs.