My child needs help

If you’re seeking immediate help for a child or youth who has mental, emotional and/or behavioural issues and it’s NOT an emergency, visit one of our Walk-in Clinics where you and your child or teen can be seen the same day without an appointment, for free, and by one of our highly trained therapists. Often we can make a real difference in just one session, but we can also refer you to other services if needed and Walk-in can be used more than once if necessary.

We often see children and youth experiencing depression, anxiety, family conflict, issues at school, stress and other mental health challenges including self-harming behaviours and substance use issues. We don’t judge – we’re here to help.

If you’re a parent of a child/youth with Complex Special Needs, typically you would access our services through a referral that would be made by your case worker, family service agency, etc.

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