I’m a youth who needs help

If this is NOT an emergency but you’re –

  • feeling depressed or anxious;
  • engaged in self-harming behaviours like cutting;
  • dealing with substance use issues;
  • confused about your gender identity or maybe want to come out;
  • being bullied;
  • having trouble at home or at school;
  • experiencing physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse

And you need a safe place to talk about any of these or other issues that are bothering you – you can visit one of our Walk-in Clinics on your own or with a family member. It’s free and no appointment is necessary – just walk in!

Often we can make a real difference in just one session, but we can also refer you to other services if needed and Walk-in can be used more than once if necessary. We are here to help and not to judge. Your health and safety are our number one concern.