5 October 2015

Experiences With The Studio

The Studio is one of Delisle’s most popular services. It’s a safe place where youth aged 13-21 can hang out in the evenings to socialize with peers, prepare and eat freshly cooked meals, and enjoy hobbies or games – there’s even an onsite recording studio!

Three youths who regularly visit The Studio recently worked on a planning committee for Join The Community, a youth resilience grant. To wrap up the initiative, they created photovoice projects that describe their overall experience with The Studio, covering their cautious first experiences to having the time of their lives. Although nervous at first to join a new community, all three youth had life-changing experiences at The Studio that will stay with them forever.

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Delisle Youth Services - The Studio 1

Delisle Youth Services - The Studio 2

Delisle Youth Services - The Studio 3


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