6 January 2016

Delisle’s Harm Reduction Bulletin

DYS loves Harm Reduction education! So what is Harm Reduction?

One one level, Harm Reduction is a pragmatic, non-judgemental set of strategies to reduce individual and community harm caused by drug use.  It focuses on reducing harm in incremental steps and may or may not include abstinence as one of those steps.   On another level, harm reduction is about challenging stigmatizing language and practices that isolate and devalue people.  This extends beyond substance use and can be included in any approach that values meeting people where they are at, working with the processes of change and respecting people’s innate wisdom and expertise on themselves.  Harm Reduction is also activism against the harms of repressive laws and policies designed around stigma and misinformation, particularly around substances.

Our very own Harm Reduction Specialist, Peter Newnham, has created the DYS Harm Reduction Bulletin to share resources and updates for social service workers, parents, and anyone who has ever had any questions about reducing harm.

This issue contains:

1. Need to Know News: World AIDS Day

2. Dear Harmy: What are Poppers?

3. Resource of the Month: Harm Reduction Apps for your Phone

4. Need to Know Links: Carl Hart

Check out the Bulletin here: Harm Reduction Bulletin Volume 3