26 May 2016

Delisle Youth Gallery 2016: Reflections of the Modern Mind

Art has the power to bring people together – and this year’s Delisle Youth Gallery exhibition, Reflections of the Modern Mind, was an event to remember for the whole community!

The Delisle Youth Gallery is a youth run, for youth art exhibition that takes place each April. This year, we had a group of 10 youth meet regularly between October and April to plan and become curators of their very own exhibition. A call for art was put out to the community, and we received 72 pieces of youth art! The call for art is unique because there are no restrictions on mediums or styles of art – all art is accepted.

We hosted an opening reception for the exhibition on Thursday, April 7th, and had over 100 guests attend to view the art and bid through a silent auction on available pieces. We also had youth performances through out the night, including an animation dancer, a magician, and live drawings!

The following is a quote from an exhibition attendee:

“I’ve been to famous art museums around the world (Australia, Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East) and honestly this exhibit had as many pieces catch my attention and make me pause to think and look at the art as any other exhibition that I’ve been to.”

Thank you to the Youth Committee, volunteers, sponsors, youth artists, and supporters of this event. We couldn’t have done it without you!