5 August 2016

A Visit to The Studio


Recently, our social media team went down to the basement to explore The Studio. The Studio is a LGBTQ positive drop-in space for youth ages 13-21. It’s a place for youth to create art, socialize, do homework, and gain access to food and other resources. It’s also the home of the STARS program for LGBTQ youth.

When the team arrived the space, they were greeted by the friendly and enthusiastic staffers. Someone was setting up the Wii to play Mario Kart (a staple of any youth-oriented space). There was an Everest-scale mountain of bean bag chairs in front of the TV. Even in a short visit of the space, it’s obvious why The Studio is one of Delisle’s most popular services. The openness, positivity, and overwhelming sense of welcome makes The Studio a unique home-away-from-home.

When asked why they believed that it was important to have a space like The Studio, staff member Afi explained that many youth have very few places to go; whether they’re homeless or living in shelters, many of which kick residents out during the day. They also told the team that there are few non-profit and non-commercial spaces for youth, especially for LGBTQ youth.

Though there is a bit of a lull at the Studio right now, there will be more events in the Fall such as educational events about harm reduction, healthy relationships, and anti-ableism, sexism, racism, etc. Also, every first friday of the month is dedicated to special LGBTQ- oriented events.

The Studio is located at 40 Orchard View Blvd. Unit 100 and is open Monday-Thursday from 3:00-7:45PM. We look forward to seeing you there!



Written by Rebecca: Rebecca is a student working at Delisle this summer helping out with social media and communications. She will be starting at the University of Toronto in the fall, studying English and Cinema Studies. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, ice cream cones, and dogs.