Residential Program

With the merger of Delisle Youth Services and Oolagen Youth Mental Health, Skylark is now able to provide two homes – Hillsdale Residence and Richard Kalesky (RK) House – for youth who need a place to live for a variety of reasons that can include family breakdown, physical or sexual abuse, emotional trauma and/or mental health issues. Our residential treatment program is offered at no cost to youth or their families.

How to Access Services

Youth are referred by a Case Worker, Therapist or health care professional through Centralized Access to Residential Services (C.A.R.S.). Professionals working with a youth or family can call C.A.R.S at 416-482-7884 to make a referral to residential services.

Each client who comes to the program receives an assessment of their needs and together with staff develop a plan focused on the goals they wish to accomplish.

We’re committed to offering and promoting a safe and respectful environment for our residents, staff, neighbourhood and surrounding community.

Our principles are built on the foundation of partnership and voluntary participation. We believe young people arrive at our residences ready to take an active role in creating their own futures.

Our co-ed residences offer a structured, therapeutic, welcoming, home-like environment for youth aged 13 to 18 to develop new resources, responsibilities and constructive relationships. Staffed 24/7, youth gain life skills and confidence, supported by dedicated child and youth workers, social workers and other consulting clinicians.

Youth develop a range of new skills while at the house including:

  • Learning independent life skills
  • Acquiring the emotional and social skills to cope effectively at home, at school and in the community
  • Managing moods and behaviour
  • Developing communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding and developing healthy relationships with family, adults and peers

Each client is assigned a residential Youth Worker and sees our Social Worker for individual and family sessions. Family/caregiver involvement is encouraged.

Check out the video on the Residential Program for more information. 

Hillsdale Residence operates under the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) model. Our trained residential team works with residents to help them set goals and develop sustainable life strategies to address and overcome their challenges.

Richard Kalesky House (seen in the photo below) operates under the Narrative Therapy model, and focuses on group participation and strives to instill the values of respect, equality, and community.

Exterior of house