Counselling Services

At Skylark we offer free, individual and family counselling and support to children, youth and their families who live in Toronto. Our services are tailored to the individual strengths and needs of each client.

Our Collaborative, Strength-based Approach

Skylark’s Counselling Team has a great deal of experience addressing a wide range of social, emotional, and behavioural issues that our clients present with. Our highly experienced counsellors work collaboratively with young people and their families to enhance their understanding; to help them overcome these challenges and meet their goals.

Here are some of the issues that our counsellors can help with:

  • Mental health issues (for example: depression, anxiety, self-harming tendencies, suicidal thoughts)
  • Family conflict
  • School-related stress
  • Social isolation and peer-related stress
  • Bullying
  • Emotion regulation
  • Trauma (for example: physical, emotional, or sexual abuse)
  • Relationship conflicts

A video created by our youth at Delisle Youth Services – now Skylark Children, Youth & Families

Together we help young people and families develop the tools to access the necessary support to prevent the problems and challenges from getting bigger down the road.

This happens by:

  • Identifying basic needs
  • Providing information (psychoeducation)
  • Exploring feelings and emotions
  • Examining life stories and family dynamics
  • Teaching communication skills
  • Developing positive coping strategies
  • Advocating for youth

Additional services

Our counsellors can connect youth with other important resources such as housing, case management or crisis services; accompany them to hospitals, and make referrals to other professionals like a psychiatrist if required. Skylark can also act as a client’s advocate with police, courts, parole officers and other community/social justice resources.

How to Access Services

To best access our services, you can visit any one of our Walk-In Clinics – no appointment is necessary and it’s free. There you’ll be seen the same day by one of our counsellors and if further help is required, we can arrange that as well.

If you are a youth, click here for more information.
If you are a parent or a family member, click here for more information.